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“The VDOC is an excellent way to distribute resources and offer ample opportunities for our players, coaches, and organization. The license allows us to focus our attention on consistent materials, camps, and sessions to help in the creative development of our players. We believe this licensing supports the mission to provide our community with an organized, safe, and fun-filled environment for soccer.

Since our coaches are volunteer, we believe offering them high quality coaching material is of major importance. The VDOC gives us the ability to encourage our coaches with easily accessible materials and a better understanding of how to develop players and teams.

We are excited about bringing the Creative Skills Camp to our organization due to the high demand of developing players in a creative manner. We want our players to have the option of learning new skills in an open-minded environment, and to be able to play without fear. This camp will be vital for kids of all ages and skill levels to have an opportunity to develop into a creative player and will assist them in producing better performances”.

Lucy Brient, Assistant Executive Director, Williamson County Soccer Association

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