About Us

About Us

The Virtual DOC 

Empowering Soccer Clubs and Coaches with Technology to Manage, Build, Organize, and develop their teams, all in one place.


Information Technology, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and many other technological advancements have pushed industries to implement changes that push the industry to the next level. Technology is driving the world around us. From simplifying the smaller aspects of life to complex digital platforms, organizations are leveraging technology to develop new platforms and applications that have the potential to disrupt industries. Technology and big data have become an acclaimed asset, integrating into the world of sports to aid in the development of individuals, coaches, teams, and the sport as a complete entity. Technology and big data have allowed individuals, coaches, and teams to understand their own development as well as how they can improve themselves and compete. Ranging from simple figures about the number of minutes on the ball to complex data such as valuable contributions towards the outcome of the game, big data is now being analyzed and broken down to better understand the horizon of what is possible.

Virtual Director of Coaching (VDOC) has developed an innovative platform that provides an array of solutions to help improve the way soccer clubs are managed. The centralized system provides a comprehensive range of features for every member involved, including the club directors, staff, administrators, coaches, and players. The platform connects and integrates the entire team on and off the field, providing training material, coaching guidelines and tutorials, strategy development, session planning, player education, evaluation, and much more. Our objective is to provide a unified platform that can become a centralized database and source to connect soccer teams from around the world. The platform enables teams to improve their structure, team capabilities, strategies, and overall team management. VDOC provides a simplified solution to assist clubs to grow both on and off the field.

The Platform

The VDOC platform will offer a plethora of features to help clubs operate more efficiently and effectively. From decluttering documentation to improving team strategies, the platform is an all-inclusive hub that will enable everyone involved to improve and build the team. The platform will help clubs improve their internal communication, organize their schedules, arrange training sessions, manage player profiles, monitor player progress, develop educational courses, strategies, and comprehensive team plays, and connect everyone in the team in one central platform. We provide a system where clubs can easily enter the details of each of their directors, staff, coaches, players, etc. to create a team profile. Once the profile is created, the administrator will handle and manage all aspects of the club from within the application. From thereon, the administrator will only need to update the platform, all other team members will be notified about news relevant to them automatically. Apart from administrative tasks, the platform also provides a comprehensive library of team plays, training strategies, and other resources to help develop players and coaches. The platform is designed to connect the entire team, enabling club directors to redefine the way their team is managed while improving operational efficiencies.

The VDOC platform will provide the clubs with the tools and resources they need to evolve and progress through the ranks. Given that many clubs have limited resources, we want to offer a cost-effective and reliable platform that can change their club dynamics, transforming their manual processes into digital, organized, procedures that optimize the entire team in one portal. With VDOC, the club director can monitor the progress of each individual coach, player, team, and manage the club’s entire schedule for the whole season, while providing the team with resources, training programs, and other important features to develop their capabilities.

Our Vision

To create a global, centralized platform and database to help develop and build teams throughout the world.

Our Mission

To provide soccer clubs and coaches with a platform where they can easily access resources, tools, and information to maintain and manage their teams.

Our Purpose

To build a platform that can provide a cost-effective and efficient process to help clubs progress on and off the field.

Our Objective

To develop a global platform that will connect the entire team at a single location. Taking advantage of technology and worldwide integrations, we create advanced services to provide various features that enable teams to manage everything centrally, empowering them to organize, supervise, communicate, and develop individually & collectively. We believe we have developed a revolutionary platform that will completely change the way coaches, players, and teams improve overtime.


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