Westside United FC – Taking Full Advantage of the Street Soccer Experience

Westside United FC is a soccer club based out of Indiana that is taking the “Street Soccer” experience to a new level this 2017-2018 year. Westside United frequently uses the fields in their won club setting with their travel teams, Rec Plus teams, and Jr. Academy program. Street Soccer has become part of the club’s curriculum with frequent street soccer nights where there is a ton of music and creativity on display. The kids always leave with a smile on their face and an excitement and anticipation for the next street soccer night.

Director of Coaching for Westside United FC, Josh George, and Executive Director, John Case, had an idea to get into the schools and offer to run street soccer clinics during schools’ gym classes. What it has turned into they could not see coming! Josh has been in 15 schools this past winter running 45-minute street soccer clinics for all grades and all classes in each grade. This keeps him at the schools for around 6 hours a day. However, he knows the time and energy he is putting in will be worth it in the short and long run. During these classes, Coach Josh introduces and talks about what street soccer is. They then go through a 10-15 minute to get some “creativity” going on and get the kids moving around a bit. They then get into the fields where they progress from 2v2 to 3v3 to 4v4 games. They end with a quick talk about the experience and how to build upon it if they were to have the experience again.

The experience alone is enjoyable for everyone, whether they play soccer or not. Coach George has stated that every class has fun with the experience and gets a great workout in. All the schools plan on having Josh back in next year. He has been asked to bring the fields back for 5 different field days as well as some other events. Josh will also be working with some other local clubs to offer the street soccer experience to their kids at local clubs Hendricks Community Soccer and Tri-West Soccer Club. He is hoping that the time and energy being put in will continue to build a love for the game of soccer while also building creative and innovative thinkers for our future youth!

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