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The Package
What will your club receive?
Package Pricing
Development Plan
Coaches Resources
Summer Camp
Get Started
Curriculum and Welcome Book
Create and Implement An Age and Ability Appropriate Soccer Curriculum
Partnership to Identify your club’s mission and goals
Strategic Management support and advice for Club, Technical and Board structure
Creation of Player Performance Development Objectives and Programs
Provision of Parent education materials
Player “Tracking” or “Team Analysis” tools for coaches
(Development Plan Features)
Development Plan

First course of action is to meet with your key staff members and discuss your club in a non-judgemental get-to-know session where we can work out a Development Plan together. We can identify strengths and weaknesses and suggest ways in which we can enhance your current offering.

(see development plan features)

We will show you examples of Club Resources e.g. Curriculum’s developed for other clubs, Club Handbooks, Syllabus and Session Programs etc, in order to demonstrate the quality of the resources your club can expect.

Download Examples
Welcome Handbook
Sample Book
Training Program