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2008, 2018


Tri-Cities United Soccer Club
Tri-Cities United Soccer Club Mission & Vision

Mission: Prepare young people for the challenges of life through the game of soccer
Vision: To empower young people in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas with core values focused on strengthening their love of the game, building good character, instilling a strong work ethic and creating champions in the community through an educational soccer environment.

Tri-Cities United Soccer Club is a non-profit community sports organization based in the East Tennessee Tri-Cities area (Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport).

2008, 2018


Nolensville Soccer Club
The Nolensville Soccer Club (NSC) exists to provide opportunities for Nolensville youth to experience the game of Soccer, learn fair play, cultivate their skills, and develop a love for the game.

The Nolensville Soccer Club is a recreational Soccer Program available for children 4 – 16 (and growing). With a strong emphasis on keeping kids active while learning about the game of soccer we take pride in being able to offer an experience that is healthy and fun. As kids start out in the program, it’s all about fun, playing with friends, and learning to be part of a team. We put great effort into making these first years enjoyable for the kids. The quality of the players going through the program makes for a fun atmosphere whether your kids are just getting started or have played for several years.

1406, 2018

Operation Get Active Joins The Virtual D.O.C.

We have been working with the VDOC since the start of 2018, and we have been so impressed with the quality, professionalism and benefit it has had on our organization. Our coaches received the level one creative coaching course, and we have seen them implement what they learned out in the field, which is what coach education is all about. We strongly recommend the VDOC if you are a club or organization looking to enhance your coaching education.

Peter Woolcock

Director, Operation Get Active

Chattanooga Football Club Foundation

2604, 2018

TN STATE Deliver the CCA Level One Diploma

The TN State Soccer Association has greatly benefitted from our partnership with Darren Laver and the VDOC especially in the provision of the Creative Coaching Academy level 1 courses we have run this year. In its inaugural year we applied for a matching grant from the US Soccer Foundation’s Innovate to Grow fund as we invested heavily in grassroots coaching education especially at the recreational level in Tennessee.

With the largest group of TSSA members being players at the recreational level we felt this program would benefit the greatest number of coaches by increasing their education and knowledge of the game and allowing them to take this information back to their teams in their sometimes underserved communities and apply it with their players

Currently we have run over 15 courses and certified over 500 coaches as CCA diploma level 1 coaches with more to follow as we look to schedule more courses for recreational clubs before the start of their Fall season. The 3-4 hour classes have been well received by the candidates giving them an insight to a philosophy and coaching methodology that is player centric and helping them with ideas on implementation both on and off the field. “The response has been terrific,” State Director of Coaching Andy Poklad exclaimed. “You just have to see the newfound confidence and understanding coaches have on completion of the course as we hand them a certificate and a 25 Small sided games book to take with them back to their clubs.”

Poklad went on to say,” you don’t just have to take my word for it. We receive multiple emails after courses from coaches excited about the prospect of implementing a newfound understanding of this games led, player centered approach to coaching.” Comments included;

I’ve done at least 7 different coaching courses and licensures This course however, was by far my favorite. Everything from the attitude of instruction to the incorporation of music during training was fun-focused. It was fast-paced and exciting, which was most apparent on the faces of the coaches in the course who’d never played soccer before. Alex

I greatly enjoyed the course! I thought it was both helpful but thought provoking. The course makes you think outside the box about approaches to coaching. Not sure if most people leave coaching clinics thinking wow that was fun. So nice job! (Paul J. Rivas Lane College)

Great course. I felt equipped to coach my players in a better more comprehensive way at the end of the session. Would definitely be interested in doing more levels with CCA. (Michael Lee Jackson)

I truly enjoyed the entire course. First of all, it was a reminder that coaching is teaching. Attending the Creative Soccer Coaching course reminded me how it felt to be a kid playing Futbol and how important is to nourish and encourage our young footballers to be creative and think outside, inside and around the box. I am definitely participating in the Level 2 course. Thank you, I had blast! (Briamst Castro)

Darren was able to demonstrate and give an excellent presentation. I found the methods as one of the most exciting, new age concepts of education that I have ever come across and I have been involved with teaching for 15 years. It introduced me to new philosophies and ideas that sets out an excellent educational program for developing skills for soccer and for my classroom where children love the freedom of being able to express themselves, solve the problems, and come up with new ideas. (Sydney Black)

1604, 2018

Williamson County Soccer Association Join The vdoc

Williamson County Club Logo

“The VDOC is an excellent way to distribute resources and offer ample opportunities for our players, coaches, and organization. The license allows us to focus our attention on consistent materials, camps, and sessions to help in the creative development of our players. We believe this licensing supports the mission to provide our community with an organized, safe, and fun-filled environment for soccer.

Since our coaches are volunteer, we believe offering them high quality coaching material is of major importance. The VDOC gives us the ability to encourage our coaches with easily accessible materials and a better understanding of how to develop players and teams.

We are excited about bringing the Creative Skills Camp to our organization due to the high demand of developing players in a creative manner. We want our players to have the option of learning new skills in an open-minded environment, and to be able to play without fear. This camp will be vital for kids of all ages and skill levels to have an opportunity to develop into a creative player and will assist them in producing better performances”.

Lucy Brient, Assistant Executive Director, Williamson County Soccer Association

1504, 2018

The VDOC and the ISSA Deliver an Event with INDY Eleven

My name in Guy-Jo Gordon, Director of Community Relations for the Indy Eleven. Indy Eleven is an American Professional Soccer team based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Founded in 2013.

As part of our community programs we were looking for a particular soccer session/event that would excite, engage and inspire young players. We then came across the International Street Soccer Association (ISSA) and invited them to coach and perform their creative skills at some of our events including the Annual Mayor’s Futsal Cup, which involved 32 teams from 32 countries. The ISSA exhibited their street soccer skills by performing in front of crowds in excess of 5000, and competed against individual challengers, demonstrating outstanding ability to play the game of soccer in a creative, functional manner. The ISSA have a tremendous creative talent, and their abilities to inspire youth and adults is unmatched. I would like to finish by saying that the ISSA has an extremely unique concept, it is an extraordinary world-class organization, with talented coaches and players, and they are all great with young people of all ages and abilities. Comes highly recommended as the best creative Street Soccer coaching company I have ever been involved with.

Guy-Jo Gordon
Director, Community Relations
Indy Eleven | North American Soccer League

1504, 2018

Creative Skill Camps – VDOC Partner (Camp Training Program)

“This camp should be mandatory for every kid in America who plays soccer. It offers a unique training experience that you do not find in any other soccer camps. First, it is fun, and the kids leave smiling and enthused about playing soccer. The ones I know wanted to keep a ball at their foot at home for the entire week thanks to what happens during the three hours of camp. Second, this camp teaches creative thinking in the game, an area typically lacking in this country as too often kids have the creativity beaten out of them by screaming adults on the sidelines. Third, Darren Laver has an incredible perspective and approach on youth soccer. Some of the advice he gives to the kids during the camp is just brilliant. My son left camp after the first day with an expression that said this is the soccer experience he has been looking for, and it is the one camp where you can actually see it make a difference during the following season. Thank goodness this camp came to our area.”

Matt Dishongh (Parent / Coach)

1204, 2018

Operation Get Active working with the VDOC

Operation Get Active – is a health initiative that uses the game of soccer to encourage youth to live active and healthy lifestyles. We aim to inspire and educate youth across Chattanooga about the importance of health, fitness, and nutrition.

We currently work with 16 Title I Hamilton county elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 6 Rec centers in the greater Chattanooga area. We hope to expand to all elementary schools in Chattanooga, and then middle schools.

The spring break showcase was held on April 4, 2018. It was an opportunity for the kids that participate in OGA to come out and play soccer and make new friends, during spring break. It’s a great time to see kids from different communities and parts of the cities to play alongside each other.

It was a friendly tournament where kids weren’t meant to play with other kids from different schools and learn to play together. The main object was FUN.

We were thankful to have VDOC and his inflatable 3v3 fields.

The Showcase is also designed to acclimate the kids to the tournament style of play for our end of season tournament.

604, 2018

Westside United FC – Taking Full Advantage of the Street Soccer Experience

Westside United FC is a soccer club based out of Indiana that is taking the “Street Soccer” experience to a new level this 2017-2018 year. Westside United frequently uses the fields in their won club setting with their travel teams, Rec Plus teams, and Jr. Academy program. Street Soccer has become part of the club’s curriculum with frequent street soccer nights where there is a ton of music and creativity on display. The kids always leave with a smile on their face and an excitement and anticipation for the next street soccer night.

Director of Coaching for Westside United FC, Josh George, and Executive Director, John Case, had an idea to get into the schools and offer to run street soccer clinics during schools’ gym classes. What it has turned into they could not see coming! Josh has been in 15 schools this past winter running 45-minute street soccer clinics for all grades and all classes in each grade. This keeps him at the schools for around 6 hours a day. However, he knows the time and energy he is putting in will be worth it in the short and long run. During these classes, Coach Josh introduces and talks about what street soccer is. They then go through a 10-15 minute to get some “creativity” going on and get the kids moving around a bit. They then get into the fields where they progress from 2v2 to 3v3 to 4v4 games. They end with a quick talk about the experience and how to build upon it if they were to have the experience again.

The experience alone is enjoyable for everyone, whether they play soccer or not. Coach George has stated that every class has fun with the experience and gets a great workout in. All the schools plan on having Josh back in next year. He has been asked to bring the fields back for 5 different field days as well as some other events. Josh will also be working with some other local clubs to offer the street soccer experience to their kids at local clubs Hendricks Community Soccer and Tri-West Soccer Club. He is hoping that the time and energy being put in will continue to build a love for the game of soccer while also building creative and innovative thinkers for our future youth!