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About Us


We have a simple mission…to make your club even better!

We’re a company committed to the development of coach and player education, giving players and coaches access to the best possible support so they can achieve their full potential.

Achieving this goal begins at the club level. We provide a complete club training package that will allow players, parents and coaches to get the very best support in soccer education. We develop soccer clubs that provide excellence, keep up with modern soccer education and give players everything they need to play at the highest level. Our knowledge and experience will give you the tools to realize this dream and in turn, improve the overall quality of clubs and therefore the quality of players.

We invite you to be one of these clubs!

Andy Poklad

“This is a comprehensive set of resources for all youth soccer clubs. If your club has a Director of Coaching, The Virtual DOC provides them tools to organize and improve their coaching staff. If your club doesn’t have a Director of Coaching, The Virtual DOC provides the cost effective alternative.”
– Andy Poklad, Director of Coaching, TN State Soccer Association (2019)

Don Hughes
“Our coaches at FURY FC have really benefited from becoming part of the VDOC. The partnership offers an excellent club resource, with engaging and easy to use materials. It utilizes a range of creative teaching resources and methods in order to help our coaches connect with their young learners”.
– Don Hughes, Technical Director, FURY FC
Eric Stauffer
“The Virtual DOC team have done a wonderful job building our club organization from top to bottom. The support and value they offer influences our coaches and team members causing us to keep focused on learning and progression. Where else can you find that commitment to improvement in today’s world of soccer business.”
– Eric Stauffer, Owner at Elite Training Academy